Love This Moment

One day as I trudged wearily
Down a path not far away,
I came upon a bright old man
Travelling the other way.

He walked along with a jaunty step
That was so free and light,
While his smile shone like the fullest moon
Upon the darkest night.

When our paths did meet I begged of him
To stop but a little while,
For I had to ask in bafflement,
"Dear sir, why do you smile?"

"For I walk this road every single day
Through wind and rain and sun,
And for each heavy step I tread
I wish the journey done."

The man replied in a merry voice
That was music to my ears,
"My friend, I've learnt a thing or two
Throughout my many years."

"While it's great to have a purpose
From which you do not stray,
More important by far it is to love
Your journey along the way."

To that reply I looked askance
And voiced my inner doubt,
"How can you love a well-worn path
That rambles all about?"

"For it does not run straight and true
Towards my desired goal,
Instead it wastes my precious time
With all its bumps and holes."

"And do you know the worst thing of all,
That makes me quite lose heart?
While every morning I reach the end,
Each night I'm back at the start!"

That wise old man smiled knowingly
And gently turned to say,
"You won't travel very far in life
Marching the same track every day."

"You think that to gain your far off dreams
This path needs to re-arrange,
But there'll never be a different end
Unless you decide to change."

"To reach a dream that seems remote
You must round every bend,
Instead of always turning back
To retrace your steps again."

"And once again I say to you,
If I might be so bold,
While the dream may be the silver,
The journey is the gold."

"For every person's true desire,
Throughout their very soul,
Is to live a life of love and joy.
To be one and true and whole."

"It is our hope most precious,
To connect with all the Earth,
To feel life's energies within
All moments from our birth."

Then he answered my next question,
Which was very simply, "How?"
"Just live each day inside your heart.
See the beauty of right now."

"For no matter if the path you step
Is an old one or a new,
Behold it with the eyes of your soul
To find wonder in all views."

"When you are grateful for all the world
As a gift from up above,
You'll realise that what you're doing
Is simply allowing love."

"And when that love completely fills
Every crevice of your heart,
Your journey will be one of joy
- What you wanted from the start!"

Then satisfied he'd made his point
This great man did turn away,
To continue down the splendid path
Of magic in every day.

Since that encounter I have walked
Many roads towards my goal,
With forever his gift inside my heart:
To love this moment with all my soul.

by Lisa Frost

About the Poem

Inspired by the sudden death of a close friend, Love This Moment was created as a beautiful and uplifting reminder of what's really important in life.

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