Prayer of Abundance

I acknowledge that the greatest service
I can offer the world is to live a life of love and joy,
Living the life of my dreams, doing what I love the most
And sharing it with the world.

I allow abundance to flow to and through my life
In an ever widening, infinite stream,
Expanding my horizons, transforming my experiences
And growing the positive difference I make in this world.

I allow the creation of my visions and dreams
With ease and grace,
Along a beautiful and magical path of wonder and joy.

I choose to honour myself, taking delight in my journey
And the exciting new life that unfolds before me.

I choose to appreciate the abundance and beauty
That exists in myself and my life in every moment.

I allow the universe to honour me abundantly in
Love, health, wealth, friendship, family and fun!!

Given and received with Thanks!

by Lisa Frost

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