Remember Me

Whether in body or spirit
Let all remember me in love and joy,
With a smile on my face
And a laugh on my breath.

Remember me as a song,
Dancing freely through the air.

Wherever I am,
Think of me unshackled like the wind
And know that I am happy.

Whenever you feel the sun upon your back
Know that I love you,
Even though you have
For the moment turned away.

Whenever you see the stars
Remember that I am one of them,
Only I am infinite.

Wherever you go remember always
That I am with you.

by Lisa Frost

About the Poem

I wrote this one day at a beautiful spot in Lamington National Park. While the inspiration was actually it being a message to a friend who wouldn't speak to me, when I die I'd really like these words spoken at my funeral because it's how I'd like to be remembered. Don't worry, I don't intend for that to happen for many many years yet!

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