To Live an Amazing Life

1. Honour Yourself
Have alignment between your thoughts,
words and actions, and your heart/spirit.

2. Be Loving
Give up judgement. Allow yourself to love without condition.

3. Be Loved
Have faith that you are completely loved by every person,
whatever their actions.

4. Be Authentic
Be authentic in your communication.
Give up attachment to the outcome.

5. Be Courageous
Acknowledge your fear, then act.

6. Be Surrendered
Give up believing something is wrong.
Embrace the perfection of what is.

7. Be Present
Give up trying to get somewhere.
Be present and love what you're doing right now.

8. Be Passionate
Live your passion.
Share your vision and enthusiasm with the world!

9. Be Appreciative
Notice the beauty and wonder of the world
and appreciate its presence in your life.

10. Be Joyous
Smile! Laugh! Have fun!
Be light-hearted and revel in the moment.

by Lisa Frost

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